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Buyer and Seller Tips

Commission and calculation

When buying or selling a home in British Columbia Canada, you will most likely be using real estate services and therefore may need to pay a commission. Hence, it is valuable to understand the principles surrounding real estate commissions.

What are commissions for? Click here to read more!


What is a home inspection? A home inspection evaluates the current condition of the home. Instead of assessing strictly cosmetic features, a home inspection looks into the comprehensive performance of the home.

The inspection is typically documented in a written report and is in essence a fundamentally visual examination.

What are the associated costs for an inspection? Click here to read more!

Home Appraisal

What is a home appraisal? A home appraisal is a document that demonstrates an estimate of the property’s current fair market value. Fair market value is the price a property would sell under normal market conditions. The home appraisal is an independent evaluation. What is BC assessment? Click here to read more!


Property Transfer Tax

There are many costs associated with buying a property. Property transfer tax is a key closing cost that needs to be considered and understood. What is property transfer tax? Click here to read more!

What are the benefits and cons of purchasing a presale?

A presale can commonly be recognized as a property that can be purchased prior to being fully built or move-in ready. Hence, a presale can often allow buyers to find the right fit for themselves and their lifestyle. Benefits for purchasing a presale - click here to read more!

Purchase Process Checklist

There are many kinds of homes ranging from detached, semi-detached, townhouse, condominium and apartment to name a few. Click here to read more!

Selling Process Checklist

It is critical to find the optimal Realtor for your property. Click here to read more!

What is a Buyer’s, Seller’s and Balanced Market?

The phrases buyer’s market, seller’s market, and balanced market are often heard in real estate. It is paramount for both buyers and sellers to be able to distinguish between the market phases in order to gain insight and the largest possible benefit from a current market phase. Click here to read more!

The Goods and Services Tax

What does GST mean?GST stands for the “Goods and Services Tax” and is a federal tax for Canada. In terms of new construction such as presales, the GST remains at 5%. Even when a presale property has completed construction, the 5% GST still applies. Click here to read more!

Closing Costs for Buyer 

When purchasing a home in British Columbia, it is a valuable step for the buyer to understand what closing costs could occur in order to plan successfully for the future. Click here to read more!

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